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You built your business, we help it stay protected.

Our streamlined business insurance process makes it easy to run your business with confidence.

Traditional commercial insurance companies have underserved small businesses. We’re here to change that.

For too long, small businesses have struggled to access the business insurance services and support that big companies take for granted.


Colony Solutions was founded in 2015 as a independent brokerage solely focused on business insurance, and providing our clients with the attention and service they deserve.


By combining expert risk advisors with a passion for using technology, we give business owners the coverage and services that they need to succeed.

Word from a satisfied client:

"Colony was fast, knowledgeable, and incredibly helpful! I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for insurance."

Amanda Tomlinson - Captivated IND

"We built intentionally to take the guesswork out of small business insurance with knowledge and experience as our top priority

-from our educational videos to our foundational business insurance products, small business owners can rely on Colony Solutions to protect their business."

-Freddie Servin - Colony Solutions Founder

Our Values

We are dedicated to building real human connections in an ever-increasing digital world. The company operates with our core values:


  • We believe CREATIVITY is a natural human trait

  • We value enhancement of EXPERIENCE

  • We understand that our job is EFFICIENCY and RELIABILITY

  • We operate with DISCIPLINE and DETERMINATION

  • We treat every person with RESPECT 

If you or your organization aligns (or at least appreciates) our core values, then we may be a good fit as your insurance professional or partner moving forward. Either way, we thank you for taking to time to learn more about who we are.

Ready To Connect With An Expert?

Click the button below to receive a tailored made insurance proposal designed to fit your specific need and budget. We look forward to working with you..

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