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Colony Offers New Workers Comp Program in South Carolina for Landscapers To Ease Frustrations

Colony, the online business insurance marketplace today officially begins selling new workers comp policies in South Carolina for Landscapers to address widespread frustration felt by landscape business owners in the state.

In a recent survey, Colony found a whopping 88% of consumers want more personalized insurance products.

The new service — combines a streamlined shopping and buying process, with a knowledgable risk advisor to offer a personalized experience and better meet the specific need of landscape business owners in South Carolina .

These features are designed to alleviate common workers comp insurance pain points by providing digital solutions and delivering workers comp in a modern, seamless way.

"Insurance customers, like everyone else, expect a modern customer experience now more than ever, and that includes innovative workers comp insurance solutions. Colony is on a mission to take the frustration out of buying a policy, making it simple for small businesses to find great coverage and better rates," said Freddie Servin Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer of Colony.

"Knowing that landscape business owners in South Carolina already pay some of the highest workers comp premiums in the country we want to take complexity out of insurance and empower them to find the best rates they can for future growth"


Colony is a leading online business insurance marketplace that connects business owners with top rated insurance companies across the United States.

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