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Meet Friendie, Digital Risk Advisor to Help Businesses Navigate Insurance.

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Colony Solutions launches digital assistant to better help small businesses buy insurance.

Colony Solutions, the online business insurance marketplace, today announces the launch of its digital risk advisor, Friendie.

Friendie is an AI-powered guide for small businesses that goes beyond capabilities of traditional chatbots. It quickly assesses the unique coverage needs of a business and automatically helps alleviate moments of confusion during the application process, thus helping businesses ensure they’re getting the right coverage.

Friendie was developed after examining other insurtech chatbots, which usually offer formulaic responses to the simple questions you’d find in the Q&A section of a website. This type of bot can be useful in some cases, but their limited natural language processing capabilities make it challenging for users to find helpful information.

Alternatively, Friendie is a proactive chat bot that uses artificial technology and proprietary data sources to quickly assess the unique coverage needs of a business. By identifying moments of confusion during the application process and beyond, Friendie finds opportunities to intervene and make the process faster, easier and less stressful.

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Colony Solutions is a leading online business insurance marketplace that connects business owners with insurance companies and agents across the United States.

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